Our Family Photo Style

Each year we take our girls to Maine for a few weeks in the summer. It helps us escape the worst of that Texas summer heat and enjoy the best weather in Maine. The family time makes for some of our best memories each year and my husband is endearingly patient and cooperates with a family photo session every time. It helps me knock out those Christmas card photos early in the year and documents one of my favorite trips we take. Our photographer in Maine, Danielle Brady, always does a beautiful job of capturing our family so all I have to do is pick the outfits! 
After going for darker outfits 2 of the past 3 years, and then a red, white, and blue theme a year in between those, it felt like time for something a littler earthier. I always dress myself first and then match my family. This Zara dress was a no brainer and the rest of the outfits came together seamlessly!
Click the image below for all the links and I hope this will give some suggestions to take the stress out of planning family photo outfits!