A Very 2020 Teacher Gift

Happy back to school season, friends! After the longest spring break ever our kids are going back to school. Whether in person or remotely, we all want to say thanks to our amazing teachers for coming back to help us with our kiddos. We all know it takes a village and a second grade education is not in my wheelhouse, so THANK YOU, teachers! 
I'm someone who loves to gift my girls' teachers because I truly appreciate how much they're contributing to their lives and what tough jobs they have. Thoughtful gestures don 't need to be time consuming or expensive and this year, they're a no brainer.
I'm sharing my back to school gifts below - some hand sanitizer (Bath and Body works is having their 5 for $8 promotion so I always stock up) and masks (you can shop our collection HERE) are simple way to say thanks.

I rigged this little heart on my cricut but wished I'd printed something a little more "done" so here are some downloads you can add your own child's name to! Just right click to save and print at home!