Willow Crowns at Home: A Prepared and Organized Car

If you're like me, you spend a lot of time in your car - which means kiddo messes, blowout diapers, and more at any given time. Since I don't care to be at the mercy of an out of control diaper or potty training accident, a few years ago I started stocking my trunk with just a few essentials. Nothing fancy, but boy have they come in handy.
First up, go grab yourself a couple of these extra large pencil boxes at Target.
II fill these with a small trash bag (I've definitely had to use this when someone got carsick and their soiled clothes needed to be contained), a full change of clothes, and then a small first aid kit in one, and a package of baby wipes in the other.
These little emergency boxes live in the trunk of my car and about once a quarter I make sure the outfits are the right size and seasonally appropriate.
Also in the car, a travel potty. This is ESSENTIAL for the toddler years and I can't say how many times I've been grateful for this one. I found this particular travel toilet at Target and love that it has a lid because no one needs pee sloshing around the trunk of their vehicle. 
Lastly, the ultimate travel stroller from Colugo. It's lightweight, compact, and one hand fold-able. Everything I need in a car stroller - this thing never leaves the trunk if I'm not using it so I've always got it handy.
Another tip - while not related to the trunk of your car - I always keep a large tote bag in my front seat. I fill it with anything and everything that accumulates throughout the day and bring it in every evening. This helps SO much with preventing car clutter from piling up!